A frond on my mind

16 June 1966

▫️▫️▫️A young fern

I have an image of a young fern frond vividly imprinted on my mind.

I sat in a heath of ferns all night and throughout dawn one warm windstill day approaching Summer Solstice in 1966.

I was sailing through my first and only LSD trip. In tandem with this striking symmetrical image, came the words by Dylan Thomas again and again, “The force that through the green fuse drives the flower… “

The green fractal shapes of the fern fronds at eye-level all around found their home in my body in the same immediate way that the final jigsaw piece drops into the overall picture.

The fit of those frozen living shapes entered the twin vanguards of my brain and through them they revealed the uninterpretable immensity of their purposeful power.

I might close and reopen my eyes, but the ferns’ gigahertz scream of presence remained the same. Not a shred of illusion, nothing of my own projection, pure ferns in dead calm hurricanes of potent aliveness.

This realisation over 50 years ago, in the way it presented to my naked raw senses, continues to have a positive and heart-expanding impact on my everyday life.

The enormity of the power of the will to live was made visible in the most direct way to my animal self.

An animal, such as a cat, horse, or fish processes external stimuli first from a centre of instant reactions.
A movement seen or a sound heard is “It will eat me,” or “I will eat it”.

Run or fight. Kill or be killed.
My reason, my intellect, took no part in assimilating this impression.

Around dawn, a woodpecker began tapping on a lone pine tree within 10 yards of where I was sitting cross-legged. I felt joyful and at peace as the bird repeatedly injected the silence of this new midsummer’s day with staccato sounds.

Later that day, I wrote a poem about this, called Student Woodpecker, which I still cherish.

I am so blessed in that wherever I go out into the natural world, cultivated or wild, the raw strength and single-pointed power of the will to live thus revealed forever remains visible to me, stripped bare of pretty ideas, nice thoughts.

I see. And so I always say

~ Love is present  EveryNow

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