No rocket to Mars

Heart seeker

It is a delight full of pure wonder to be able to let intuition close the gap between my heart and the heart of another.

Other motives and motivations inspire another person’s heart when their own life history has taken them on such different paths from mine.

In spite of all the dazzling outer differences, I am constantly aware of the love that animates every heart of every person. No heart can be greater or less than love, so all hearts are equally lovable without exception!

Every person I meet, or have met, or shall meet, is their own representative of the peace and love of which all life is constituted, from which we all come, and back to which we are all walking each other home.

Today, even as I write, I am sensitive to the same magical newness that completely captured me, body and soul, back when I began, in 2013, the year I call the Year of my Life.

I find my life has most meaning, I contain most validity, when I am able to lose some of my identity in that of another.

I don’t need no rocket to Mars, when there’s a lifetime of discoveries to be made in the exploration of the admiration of Other!

People say my sharing of myself in my writing is so open and generous. I am hardly aware that it’s what people notice, till they comment on it. So why do I share like I do?

I share because I go with hope. I hope I may find a mirror to some of the qualities of my own heart in the heart of another.

I do not seek comfort or even love.

My heart seeks kindling by the encounter with the lit glow of another heart! If this is a legitimate search for the truths of Heart’s Love in all alive life, then it will continue to be a journey of discovery whose joys will have no end.

~ Love is present EveryNow

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