The Accretion of Time; the hallmark of the Gentleness of Being

“So perfect, it looks like a painting.”

Where perfection is in play, encountered, and witnessed, it becomes a springboard.

Perfection, when noticed, becomes a jumping off point like a springboard for an immediate journey of travel. This journey takes us spontaneously both upwards, outwards and downwards, inwards.

In the presence of such qualities of perfection we can connect with the innate beauty of ourselves. I see that we who walk, talk and play are the product of aeons of natural selection and myriad cycles of survival and regeneration.

The way of the oyster allows time to pass, nacreous secretion to form, and a harmless pearl of great value to form. All living things, sentient or not, have arrived at material form through a similar, sacred, delicate process.

The Accretion of Time is the hallmark of the Gentleness of Being.

The most memorable photos, poems, paintings, sculptures, musical compositions are ones which make this unique appeal to our core original being  —  our sense of our own connection to the timelessness of our innate beauty.

When beauty, as seen in this seascape, triggers our response, it sidelines our notion of who we are and it reaches straight into what we are. This is an awareness of the Gentleness of Being fashioned naturally over periods of time too huge to comprehend.

Our human time frame may be overwhelmed when we are moved by art and real life entering our awareness, to the extent that our regular analytical faculties falter and blur out.

~ Love is present EveryNow

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