Hengistbury Head in spring

At an elevation of 30 metres, my heart looks out towards the sea.

It is the English Channel. It is home to fish I cannot see, crustaceans, microorganisms. Their hearts are beating at depths I cannot see.

I am aware of the entire planet, the continuation to where I cannot see, over the horizon. More sea, more living heart beating life forms. And they are all in one vast interconnected body of salt water called seas and oceans covering the planet.

I turn round to face away from this extravagance of elemental water. I look instead to where my home is, the homes of my friends, family, those I think of as individuals who form part of the crowds of people.

As I live and breathe, the living breathing lives of land, sea and air breathe with me and to me.

Sleepy heads are hidden under feathered wings, cold-blooded vertebrates that do float, insects numbersome as the stars in the crevices of the sky.

All and each are trending small lives of supreme value.

The trillion facets of the diamond of life!

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