I mine for magic, not meaning

The bliss of existence

Reason and reasoning set limits to the transmission of my experience of lived bliss.

The words and concepts academics use often stand like screens shielding the reader from an intuitive appreciation of non-duality, non-judgemental views, non-attachment, or unconditional love.

It has to be so, if they are to satisfy the questions people put to those who understand.

The bliss of existence in the full arc light of its own being defies analysis. True, it yeilds a portion of its omnipresent magic to descriptions of what it is not.

The questions people ask of meaning are like cars run out of petrol overtaken long ago by answers which never needed questions to attain motion!

in my EveryNow blog, I avoid cause and effect, question and answer, meaning extracted from hard fact. I mine for magic, not meaning.

In EveryNow, if I am able, I play with the elementary particles of awe that whizz so fast, they look to produce a steely curtain.

As I invite closer and closer approach, it is seen only as a diaphanous veil of excited curiosity through which I invite the brave to walk, dressed in fool’s costume, with furled supersonic wings of angels

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