Discrete entity


Discrete entities, ideas, constructs are never separate, they are part of all other such ‘manifestations’.

Seeming to be singular at first, all things display a self-similarity on a simple level. They are included in the same ‘set’ of inclusivity in their totality.

More than that, all things are subtly interleaved, because all causes affect. That which is affected [by the existence of another] cannot have its origin traced, because its antecedents go back to the ‘beginning of time’ itself.

The futility of trying to ‘know’ what a singular thing ‘is’ directs me, like a prisoner is directed towards freedom, to salute the unending riches in not knowing.

The tiny wisdom of accepting not knowing is bigger than a mountain of pure gold.

Nothing excludes anything.

One of the certainties on which I can build my life is that my body, mind, heart and soul are included in the universe.

At times I might veer off and begin to wonder if Life is This or That.

Then I remember that neither one thing nor the other came first.

My consciousness arises from both.

In the moment I exist, I am both alive and an ineffable part of life. I am both alive and I am being lived by life.

Who cannot be brimming with excitement at the unfolding potential of discovery ?

This excitement is endless in the way of fractal endlessness. It is the acknowledgement of, and the gratitude for the enjoyment of this very endlessness which is both entirely sufficient and delightfully finite in the embodiment of its expression in me. This is one of the things which give rise to the chuckle of the enlightened.

I am as appreciative of this as it is humanly within my power. And I try to act accordingly.

Passionately therefore, I say I should act with compassion and respect, for the valid reason that my thoughts, my words and my deeds contain all the force of the flap of the beat of that proverbial butterfly wing

~ Love is present EveryNow

Thoughts arising…

… … …The appreciation of the pure and mathematical fundamental principles which underlie the way living beings assume their form and ‘operate’ is one essential bridge towards a deeper understanding of my place in this experience of being alive.

At times I might veer off and begin to wonder if Life is Math. Then I remember that neither one thing nor the other came first. My consciousness arises from both.

In the moment I exist, I am both alive and an ineffable part of life. I am both alive and I am being lived by life.

Who can retain their passionate overflood at the unfolding potential of discovery ? This excitement is endless in the way of fractal endlessness. It is the acknowledgement of, and the gratitude for the enjoyment of this very endlessness which is both entirely sufficient and delightfully finite. Is this what gives rise to the chuckle of the enlightened?

Infinity – the permanent invitation

“Feel the peace and beauty of connecting to your heart…”

I am always of the belief that it is possible to walk “through” the Stargate portal and to have an insight so immediate and all pervasive that your pain and hurt, every trace, drops away, and at last you can “let it be”.

This is an insight into love absolute, a place, a real place, where fear evaporates before it can take shape.

You must know I have had the good fortune to pass through some form of Stargate. To reach there, I had to have lived more than a handful of decades, be retired and released from over 40 years of nine-to-five grind, and I had to undergo several epiphany experiences closely accompanied by some shining new rare and true soulfriends.

Before you arrive in the presence of such a magic portal, it’s likely you’ll still need to arrive again and again at more of your old journey destinations on your way. You’ll probably be faced with the choice to tear down clinging overgrown undergrowth covering the face of your mind.

You will see yourself in the forgotten places with a brand new clarity. You will be forced to allow the sacred significance of your present-in-the-past to carve deep grooves in your heart. 
You will suffer ancient tears to overflow into your present you for the first time.

Only by touching naked feet fearless onto such stepping stones as I describe will you understand your leaden ankle weights and unseen shackles represent illusions.

Released from these delusional encumbrances which you had chosen as your territorial possessions, you start to walk tall. This is the walk of your life.

These are structures that have become so vital to the security and safety of your self. You have devoted so much energy, time and concern in their construction. These are systems you have become accustomed to handle in a fiercely protective, conscious, deliberate and deliberative way. You can remember words to describe them, such as weights and shackles, tears of lead, deflection of hurt, avoidance of pain.

Your protection has come more to depend on the unblinking maintenance of your defences, and less on identifying what caused you to construct your defences.

Who you are is occulted by the insistent persistence of your protection of you. 

Like you, I know you can always stand in the light of your own being at a moment’s notice.

You may be moved to seek help and find it with an intermediary.

You may find the light of your being quite unexpectedly homes in on you of its own accord, with a beam like a searchlight.

The shock can startle and even perplex you, till you are are obliged to accept the fact that your soul is staggeringly beautiful, or you opt to refute the experience, telling yourself platitudes handed down to you from the bland, limp phrasebook of socially acceptable conformity.

This encounter with the happening magnificence of your being has not any words to enscribe, describe or circumscribe it.

This close encounter with the heart of your shining soul is yours. It is yours before question or answer.

You have already entered many times into a wordless wonder of living. You know what it is, of course. It is something that sometimes happens in your body or mind. Or you have felt it “outside” of you.

You are far nearer than you can begin to imagine to the shimmering entrance portal into the place where the wonder of living is too intense for words. And the space, the extremely real place, perhaps the only space which is real, and which lies ever glowing at a constant brightness (the ‘bright’ of peace and love), is the directly lived experience, the Now.

Now is not a mere moment. Now is every moment, suffused to saturation point with beginninglessness and endlessness – EveryNow.

EveryNow exists complete, without reference to a frame of words. 

EveryNow exists in completeness, independent of whether it is thought of, or sought after.

EveryNow exists completely and it is unaffected by being ignored, or overlooked, either by negligence or on purpose.

Blink, and you can find yourself in it… it in you.

All you need is to be ready and prepared. Be ready for the invitation. If you give any of what I describe a modicum of credence, then your best tribute to it and to your innate beauty, and to your instincts of self-preservation, and even to your secret inner conviction that you truly think of what I am talking about as a schmaltzy, rose-scented, kitsch pink cloud, is to be ready.

The way to get close enough to the magic of EveryNow, so that it can guzzle you all up into its roseate field, is to be prepared and ready to accept its invitation card: Infinity.

Sleep is as precious as wakefulness. Sleep is close to infinity. Sleep is a hallowed gift. Wrap it with respect, give all of yourself into it. Sleep well

~ Love’s presence EveryNow

No Everlasting Time

“Everything is. Innit.”

If Time’s prime quality is beginninglessness and endlessness, if Time’s beginning and ending are immeasurably over the horizon of Human instruments of calculation, then it is true to say Everlasting Time collapses as a contradiction in terms. 

When Time in its supra-Human vastness and all-encompassing inclusivity is considered as being the concatenation of eternity moments, does it not retain a meaning of taste, sight, sound, even of touch as well, for you and for me?

So here we are, Delicious! 
There is no “Glass half full; Glass half empty”. 

The glass is.

I see neither heaven nor hell, no duality. I see the temporary coalescence of the me I call myself in the same eternity as you.

To sum it up, good Friend, you are a beautiful concatenation of glowing moments of the infinite, just like me.

~ Love’s presence EveryNow

The eyes of my eyes

It is an odd fact, and it still doesn’t ‘reconcile’ with me, that all of the newness which arrived with my awakening opening heart in 2013, the “Year of my Life”, is still arriving unfiltered and continuing new.

Nothing seems to tarnish my outlook. No grey rime of familiarity impairs my vision of those daily events and witnessed insplashings of beauty that impact my five senses.

All is amazing, all is unique. It’s all new, and so I share.

I must share, I can’t help but share. The child on the bus who points out of the window, and says “Oh look at that!” is also helpless, unable to resist making a show, and is propelled into sharing the pleasures of surprise, when surprise overflows.

A colour, shape, pattern (I love patterns), or something I see or hear is absorbed by my senses. It is processed by my brain and my inbuilt precision engineered cogs rev up and so my heart revs up also.

When my Father referred to me at his side as his “kiddie”, I felt diminished, dismissed as less than significant. This happened even when I was a young teenager. He meant nothing by it, but how it made me fume!

Today, sixty years older, I notice I see and hear with the ears and eyes of a kiddie. For this grace of holding hands with the natural world I am wide-eyed with gratitude.

It is a way of envisioning endlessness which never even had a beginning. What happened long ago, is that I had closed my eyes to it and I had placed my obedient heart in deep freeze.

Then, at the beginning of The Year of my Life, in 2013, my hibernating heart was reached, touched directly by the pure love of others.

My excavated heart lay blinking up at me, revealed like a newborn baby, with giggles in place of disbelief!

My heart had remained for so long at my still centre, that two things happened at one and the same time.

I regained the innocent vision of Thisness, the intrinsic quality of ‘what is’. And with it, I became one with the instinctual me I call myself as an indissoluble element of the material world of which the atomic me is composed.

At the onset of such a state of bliss, my human hard-wired rational abilities of processing meaning from received sensory input were bypassed, because all my energy was drawn to my heart, which was beginning all over again to return love for received love.

My heart was like a huge motionless flywheel which had received the first motive input. The extraordinary, surprising thing is that I could see and feel it turning with beautiful gravitas, making its own delicious and unique centrifugal force of love!

That experience of extreme surprise is as real to me at this moment as it was in 2013. I have the grace of Newness never-ending.

Will it ever end?

What has, for its intrinsic quality, endlessness? To many people, the beginning of a ball of string is not visible, and so the mind tells the brain the start of the string is there somewhere. By the time the brain gets this idea, it is far far too late for the person to have come into an intimate relationship with the entirety of the stringiness and ballness of the seen object.

To be able to see endlessness as a sensation sounds far-fetched. But it is not a requirement of endlessness that it be fetched!

Why bother to go fetch what is so near as to be already in me, in you, in everything everywhere, EveryNow?

Meanwhile, listen up! Be lucky! You might just hear the ball of string softly chuckle into its roundness.

EE Cummings tells it in a poem I first read, and which still holds me with its power, from when I was only seventeen –

i thank You God for most this amazing
day:for the leaping greenly spirits of trees
and a blue true dream of sky;and for everything
which is natural which is infinite which is yes

(i who have died am alive again today,
and this is the sun’s birthday; this is the birth
day of life and love and wings and of the gay
great happening illimitably earth)

how should tasting touching hearing seeing
breathing any-lifted from the no
of all nothing-human merely being
doubt unimaginable You?

(now the ears of my ears awake and
now the eyes of my eyes are opened)