No Everlasting Time

“Everything is. Innit.”

If Time’s prime quality is beginninglessness and endlessness, if Time’s beginning and ending are immeasurably over the horizon of Human instruments of calculation, then it is true to say Everlasting Time collapses as a contradiction in terms. 

When Time in its supra-Human vastness and all-encompassing inclusivity is considered as being the concatenation of eternity moments, does it not retain a meaning of taste, sight, sound, even of touch as well, for you and for me?

So here we are, Delicious! 
There is no “Glass half full; Glass half empty”. 

The glass is.

I see neither heaven nor hell, no duality. I see the temporary coalescence of the me I call myself in the same eternity as you.

To sum it up, good Friend, you are a beautiful concatenation of glowing moments of the infinite, just like me.

~ Love’s presence EveryNow

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