Drink deep


Drink deep from the delicious thrilling flow

Extreme volatility, transience, impermanence

I love the delicious thrilling flow

No two moments the same. None!

Flux and Change

Everything is change now, now and

new EveryNow

Tumble backwards up forwards down

Reality is a delicious free switchback ride, a free-for-all

I’m thinking stasis is so, so fine,

But no, it’s the perfect illusion.

Finality is a dark chimera.

It rises like smoke from a mind fooled by obsession with the static.

It’s all in delicious THRILLING F L O W

Zoom in and see

Look and it’s gone

Nothing stops

No finality.

All I attend to all around me

Is an exemplar of the ephemeral

I love this delicious THRILLING F L O W

My eyes, my hands, the chair, the ground.

The fabric of the building, the foundations.

The street, the trees, the clouds above are short-lived.

Impermanent eddies, swirls, spirals, curls

Dust from dust

All will transform to beautiful dust.

Oh the love! The love arising!

The love arising from the delicious THRILLING F L O W

~ Love is present E v e r yN o w

Peas in a pod

Peas in a pod

We are all as alike as peas in a pod. Grass and flowers die. Houses and mountains crumble.

We have in common – every one of us – our innate sense of self-preservation, our basic humanity, our need in common for love, air, food, drink, warmth, security, safety.

I recoil from trying to assimilate enough knowledge of politics or religion to become capable of qualifying my modes of thought or action according to their principles or precepts.

All my observations of the continuum in which I exist point to one thing – transience. The further back in my time I retreat, I still see the same quality of impermanence.

This predictable unpredictability, which in isolation would resemble a pit of empty despair, always presents laced with scents, colours and shapes of love.

EveryNow is my shorthand for the unending orgasm of loving to live, EveryNow is my X and Y and Z axes of celebration of the joyful flow of existence. 

My reference of my sentient consciousness to that flow of change, to that intimate turbulence in my microcosm, is mirrored in the  indiscernible motion of the violent unfurling of energetic matter in the Universal macrocosm.

All these things are fractals of flux. 

I say, let them take high precedence among the attributes worth taking the trouble and time identifying with, regardless of our physical shape, financial stability, health, grounding or lack of grounding, 

Dive in! Submerge, let the savage unknowability of fractal flux close over my head while it is under this influence. Be attached to it, take inspiration for decisions to action, give official recognition to it as the truth and validity suffused through and through the heart of the being of the next bystander in the bus queue. Or in me!

The fact of suffering is much less useful to understand.

Time spent on focus on pain is time not spent in the pursuit and sharing of the celebration of bliss in all its forms and infinite fluctuations.

Think about it… We come complete with pain at birth, and viewed from within, pain advances our understanding almost not at all of the peace and love that animates us, from which we all arise and back to which we are all dancing each other home

~ Love is present EveryNow 

🌱 See it sing it dance it ♥️

🌱 See it, sing it, dance it with courage ♥️
The peace I have arrived at, the peace that has arrived in me, that has ‘found’ me will not leave me for reasons of illness or misery.
Our origin is love. Our hearts are constituted out of pure love.
I came to this real understanding age 67, and I recognise this is peace that bypasses understanding.
Before I had awareness, love gave my conscious being form, much as a flame gives a candle purpose. I am now the guardian of my flame which I nourish and care for by the simple act of breathing!
Yes, all the time it feels fragile, the same way the feeling of ‘being in love’ is more delicate than any butterfly.
My experience of aliveness, though blissful, is constantly in a state of flux, connected to everything by vast rhythms and tides to places so far out of sight as to be unimaginable.
So when I try to define my life’s force in words, or dance, or music, it does not resist me, neither can it escape me, because it is me.
Oh! And it can sometimes turn towards me and light me with a smile of a beautiful person whose gaze I meet, and I am melted clean.
It may feel fragile, but fragile it is not! In everyday reality this peace I know in my heart and mind is as strong and as permanently present as gravity.
The peace is alive inside.
It is inextinguishable, simply because love is inextinguishable, and we are love.
single one of us
is Love


~ Love is present EveryNow