🌱See it, sing it, dance it❤️

Courage !

🌱 See it, sing it, dance it with courage ♥️

The peace I have arrived at, the peace that has arrived in me, that has ‘found’ me will not leave me for reasons of illness or misery.

Our origin is love. Our hearts are constituted out of pure love.

I came to this real understanding age 67, and I recognise this is peace that bypasses understanding.

Before I had awareness, love gave my conscious being form, much as a flame gives a candle purpose. I am now the guardian of my flame which I nourish and care for by the simple act of breathing!

Yes, all the time it feels fragile, the same way the feeling of ‘being in love’ is more delicate than any butterfly.

My experience of aliveness, though blissful, is constantly in a state of flux, connected to everything by vast rhythms and tides to places so far out of sight as to be unimaginable.

So when I try to define my life’s force in words, or dance, or music, it does not resist me, neither can it escape me, because it is me.

Oh! And it can sometimes turn towards me and light me with a smile of a beautiful person whose gaze I meet, and I am melted clean.

It may feel fragile, but fragile it is not! In everyday reality this peace I know in my heart and mind is as strong and as permanently present as gravity.

The peace is alive inside.

It is inextinguishable, simply because love is inextinguishable, and we are love.


single one of us

is Love


Every. Single. One

~ Love is present EveryNow

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