A fondness of chickens

Miniature hand painted in a bottle with a right-angle brush. I bought it from the artist in the Hutongs of Beijing

A fondness of chickens ­čÉö

I spent several weeks in a far country in high summer living a couple of hundred metres from a fair sized chicken coop.

The sounds that rose and drifted in the dry air from the community of hens instilled in me a lifelong fondness for these birds.

In the midday summer heat,┬áI’d watch them in the shade of their raised hen house.

They’d stand around, wings raised, letting the air into their armpits.

Their mild mannered, tolerant,  sisterly and peaceable interractions moved me.

I wondered at the reassurance and companionship which their casual clucking utterances might contain.

They’d scratch at the ground with evident curiosity, and unending hope.

I loved their quiet untroubled noisiness over the heat haze of one young teenage summer


Email to a new Friend about to go travelling…

It’s Full Moon.

Where we come from is largely known to both of us solely from the personal presence shown by one to the other.

It is a transparently good place or I should not be writing you this.

The direction where we are going is a mutually encouraged movement which has all of the same attributes as those of a grand meal – expectation of savours, many unknown – but without any sense of fear or alienation.

Cleave to your journey, O pal.

Stay alert, record and share, discuss and digest.

Be open, humble, respectful of all you meet, judge none, avoid none, give full attention.

The butterfly effect operates only at such a distance that it is out of sight. Your smile is seen. You move on. That life-affirming energy aroused by your smile may engender springs of hope in individuals, families, cities, entire populations which you cannot and need not understand.

All you need to understand is that you have immense latent power. It is the power of choice to smile.

Turn away only from those whose minds have diverted far from life’s glory that they see only negation and fear. You do not need to be smeared, in mind, heart nor body.

Only see the myriad tiny things, because in the end our lives are upright and we survive only because we are intimately and eternally supported by the microcosm of everyday sublime simple beauty.

Never ever pass up the chance to giggle.

With love

As ever

Thoughts like Snowflakes

My Everyday is my Sublime
Thoughts like snowflakes fall on skin.
Thoughts like blood rise like flame.
Thoughts of infinity take up no space.
I think of loving so tenderly, so I survive.
Immortal thoughts, which guide us like stars,
Germinate from fertile minds in the pitch of peace.
Blinding truths tall as trees will bear no fruit in my moment of death.
In extremis, I will think no big thoughts of me.
Death will occult the lava flow of my soul,
And I will come to death like a shadow under the sun.
In my everyday arena I find my sublime overflows.
My everyday is where I dance my hope of love.
My every breath is my hope,
My smile is my soaring song in flight.
My opening eyes yell like rainbows.
My footfall tells me love stories.
Love is present
So very tender
My EveryNow,
My tenderness

“No question; answer is before”

“No question; answer is before”

Here it may be that you could find the bits of hope you may be hoping to find.
Be on guard that your very question, when it frames the object it seeks, could obfuscate your attempts to find answers.
Just because I can prefix it with a why, does not necessarily mean there has to be an answer.
Mostly, why-questions aren’t truly questions at all. They are expletives of ignorance.
Fire patterns of Why’s up into the air and try to follow their trail of unanswers. What shows up is the shouting voice of the questioner.
TS Eliot wrote,
‘The only wisdom we can hope to acquire is the wisdom of humility: humility is endless.’
Yes, you may reply. But what about the endless challenge and excitement of the questions, “Why”?
I say they are superficial, short-lived and excite only frustration. The more I know, the more I see I don’t know.
Humility never asked why.
Why is the answer to the origin of Life the Universe and Everything so intractable and so elusive?
It is dawning on some that ideas themselves are limited within our capacity to imagine what is at or beyond the boundaries of our conscious thought.
Our Human perspective or point of reference is, perhaps, eternally self-limiting.
We do not know what questions to ask perhaps because the perspective from which we begin to surmise and then set about trying to comprehend what “is”, is a perspective which can never visualise the wider perspective outside of itself of what “really is”.
I want my heart to be happy and at peace with the continuum it was born into and loves so much to be sharing with others.
For several decades, my heart’s wisdom has been ringing like a bell with the words from a poem I wrote in 1974. It has been chanting them back to me over and over,
“No question; answer is before”
I now listen to the voice of my heart, because the magic in these words feels so right every time my heart brings them back to me,
“No question; answer is before”
These words ease my aching mind, unlock my ability to surrender my will, and truly ‘make me lie down in green pastures, lead me beside quiet waters, refresh my soul.’
~ Love is present EveryNow