Thoughts like Snowflakes

My Everyday is my Sublime
Thoughts like snowflakes fall on skin.
Thoughts like blood rise like flame.
Thoughts of infinity take up no space.
I think of loving so tenderly, so I survive.
Immortal thoughts, which guide us like stars,
Germinate from fertile minds in the pitch of peace.
Blinding truths tall as trees will bear no fruit in my moment of death.
In extremis, I will think no big thoughts of me.
Death will occult the lava flow of my soul,
And I will come to death like a shadow under the sun.
In my everyday arena I find my sublime overflows.
My everyday is where I dance my hope of love.
My every breath is my hope,
My smile is my soaring song in flight.
My opening eyes yell like rainbows.
My footfall tells me love stories.
Love is present
So very tender
My EveryNow,
My tenderness

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