The Acceptor

The Acceptor

There is a pressure from within to be creative. Our human creative impulse is sacred and precious, and it springs eternal from within us all.

I tend to measure the extent of my wellbeing by how much room and time I devote to any creative thought, impulse or activity.

I brindle and bristle loudly at the mention of things inside feeling as if they are not right during blank or uncreative episodes. I would get even more agitated, if these periods of no creativity are called out as not good.

The leafless “lifeless” trees in winter engage in new life-giving creativity through a symbiosis of biochemical fungal activity deep in their earth-bound roots.

In recent years, the intense all pervading peace I have found through conscious cultivation of acceptance during the seemingly dead zones of my weeks and days has taught me to be the Acceptor.

I can accept harmony and balance continue growing wholesome and undamaged even though I may not be able to visit or view or creatively engage with them, when my heart seems cloaked off in those null, dull, dark times.

I am not unlike a living rooted plant. I must gratefully accept as gifts the fluctuations in the circumstances and the environment that is mine. Like a plant, I accept that certain elements like harmony and balance may play out on such large time-scales that I may not get so much as a reassuring glimpse of them in my daily life.

I do know my whole being is well-taken care of by mysterious forces of Lunar wellness and Solar goodness. I do know I am massively grateful to have occasional glimpses by the Ah! of simple hindsight into those mysterious and ever-present flows of life-giving strength which the Sun and Moon fill me with.

Summer and winter

Come and go

See the sense of season

Sleep naked of reason

Love is present EveryNow

Largesse of life abounding

The revolving stage removes the Sun.

Distilled evaporations of daylight follow gaily, respectfully behind, while courtly silks and rich pastel satins flow in procession over the horizon

The stage revolves and,
we are freely carried with it
on the curvature’s largesse

Happy are the fortunate few!
For their gaze is drawn upward toward darkness!

They receive the sudden grandiose gift of fecund Moon

Moon is sated by the Sun’s departed retinue of salmon flashes, great golds, carmine bloods and dusky pink

Largesse of life abounding to all who live and breathe

The time is come to seek fresh borning.
To Moon, I bow
To Moon, I kneel

While all around the freshening silences intertwine

Day and night come and go
See the sense of season
Sleep naked of reason
Old earth is new earth in the dark seed’s eye

~ and Love is present EveryNow


Email to a new Friend about to go travelling…

It’s Full Moon.

Where we come from is largely known to both of us solely from the personal presence shown by one to the other.

It is a transparently good place or I should not be writing you this.

The direction where we are going is a mutually encouraged movement which has all of the same attributes as those of a grand meal – expectation of savours, many unknown – but without any sense of fear or alienation.

Cleave to your journey, O pal.

Stay alert, record and share, discuss and digest.

Be open, humble, respectful of all you meet, judge none, avoid none, give full attention.

The butterfly effect operates only at such a distance that it is out of sight. Your smile is seen. You move on. That life-affirming energy aroused by your smile may engender springs of hope in individuals, families, cities, entire populations which you cannot and need not understand.

All you need to understand is that you have immense latent power. It is the power of choice to smile.

Turn away only from those whose minds have diverted far from life’s glory that they see only negation and fear. You do not need to be smeared, in mind, heart nor body.

Only see the myriad tiny things, because in the end our lives are upright and we survive only because we are intimately and eternally supported by the microcosm of everyday sublime simple beauty.

Never ever pass up the chance to giggle.

With love

As ever