Largesse of life abounding

The revolving stage removes the Sun.

Distilled evaporations of daylight follow gaily, respectfully behind, while courtly silks and rich pastel satins flow in procession over the horizon

The stage revolves and,
we are freely carried with it
on the curvature’s largesse

Happy are the fortunate few!
For their gaze is drawn upward toward darkness!

They receive the sudden grandiose gift of fecund Moon

Moon is sated by the Sun’s departed retinue of salmon flashes, great golds, carmine bloods and dusky pink

Largesse of life abounding to all who live and breathe

The time is come to seek fresh borning.
To Moon, I bow
To Moon, I kneel

While all around the freshening silences intertwine

Day and night come and go
See the sense of season
Sleep naked of reason
Old earth is new earth in the dark seed’s eye

~ and Love is present EveryNow

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