Heart in the discourse of one heart to another…

In the discourse of one heart to another, the only frame of reference is heart itself.
I write to my beloved and respected Shamanic Healer. These are my own thoughts about the way truth can sit easily on the tongue-tips of the pure in heart.
There is nothing new about my understanding.
The new that you present me with is that I am not on my own. You show me a bridge in plain sight. You say approach on the bridge. You say I am to speak as an equal with whomsoever I choose to meet.
Furthermore, you say it is of no consequence in what time frame I hold my conversation. I can go to meet the heart of the me I called myself at any stage at all of my Journey, and I can forgive, give blessed welcome, and make peace.
And that is what I have done.
At first I was like a wild animal who would not be encouraged to venture out onto the thinnest ice. Then I saw there is nothing lurking under the ice, because there is no ice. There is no reason for fear.
And so, self-consciously, timidly, I took those first steps towards myself. I looked into the eyes of myself and held out my hand. Then we hugged in the forgiveness of reconciliation. Peace filled the air around us!
Today, I can still recall the wonder and the sweetness of that first renewed encounter.
It is therefore simple to extrapolate that, with a courageous heart, I can hold close and real live conversations with any soul, without regard for the time, present, past or even future in which they are living.
Furthermore again, these things become matters of fact, and the hidden worlds within worlds are no longer hidden at all to me.
The key to accepting the wider worldviews is that I have gifted to myself the faith to see that time can be removed.
Time in relation to the matters of the heart does not exist. Or to be more accurate, there is no framework layer of time to refer to in the glow of love and peace which is heart’s.
This means in practical terms that the intuition I have that I am free to pick and choose any positive thought in the vaster universe which contains me is a freedom that applies to me.
All this has come rather suddenly and without the bother that comes from the usual dust kicked up by a sceptical mind.
Here now are clear bridges to conversing with life in all other dimensions.
Nothing has changed. Nothing is new. All that has happened is that I see now.
~ ~ ~
Looking behind I am filled with gratitude
Looking forward I am filled with vision
Looking upwards I am filled with strength
Looking within I discover peace.
Apache prayer
~ ~ ~
In the discourse of one heart to another, the only frame of reference is heart itself.
Heart is an expression of the compassion which that heart’s Journey has brought into the realm of reality.
Heart belongs to all time, because heart has left behind the weight of pain and anguish out of which it gained its existence.
Heart exists as ever burning flames of truth and compassion in a place where safety is the only necessity and the only certainty.
The ever brilliant flames of Heart’s Love sustain me, and the flames consume nothing!
In this place is the place where I am welcome, always.
From this place is the place where my Journey begins, always.
My Journey begins with my every breath.
The seed of my breathing is initiated from the very centre of this place.
This place is safe because the breath of life keeps the flames brightly burning.
I journey in and and out of every breath. I have nothing other than my breathing to satisfy my need to be thankful for the visions of you on my Journey.
I am whole because my breathing is circular.
You, Soulfriend, are the animate embodiment of the joys we share as we go.
Let us go, always, in Love’s presence EveryNow

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