Life lived lovingly in multiple frames of awareness is tough


Life lived lovingly in multiple frames of reference all at the same time is a tough proposition, yes.
But this way of awakened being is hard only if I analyse what to do or say next on-the-fly, off-the-cuff, improvising like in some fast competitive ball game.
Before I drive a car, I create a white-hot awareness of the devastating consequences of my driving without due preparation and care. This helps me mitigate that “toughness”.
I used to cycle commute to central London 12 miles each way. I am alive now, because on every journey I chose to ride metre by metre relentlessly ultra-alert and aware of all possible circumstances which could result in my own injury or death.
My frame of reference in relation to a personal interraction or to my passive witness of it, can become less of a random pinball game, if I take time to choose to populate my mind with hypothetical scenarios and use them to test my moral or ethical ground.
I have been chosing for many years to use words with positive areas of meaning, and I try to use non-dualistic descriptors. I cultivate the habit of experiencing the effect on others of my words before I use them, by virtue of having already rehearsed the conversation with myself in that way.
Steady formation of these habits of empathy eventually broaden these frames of reference.
Is it not a waste of time to have stayed alive for so very many years by crossing the road with all due caution, if I cannot use my experience to walk side by side with others in safety, peace and compassion on their journey?
~ Love is present EveryNow

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