* A little quiet time together *

* A little quiet time together *


I and some others who took part in the guided Tree Walk with Anthony Goh one morning at Colourfest in 2013, intensely felt the experience and came away with deep lasting positive impressions from the trees themselves.

The two most tactile tangible realities we are all intimately in connection with throughout our existence are other human beings within the animal world, and grass, flowers and trees, as well as the plants we eat as food in the world of vegetables.

I publish this again here in thanks to Anthony. Before that day, a tree was an item of landscape, seen, but unrecognised, unacknowledged.
— Earth Mother bore our shoeless dancing feet with tender green love. Sky Father trees, all unconscious of their benign majesty, held millions of green solar flags high over us.

— At Colourfest 2013, our experience with Tree Walk on Sunday, two by two, now eyes shut, now eyes open, touching, embracing, discovering the treeness of trees in the way of young lovers, while we bathed in the peal of bells blown towards us on a light warm breeze from Wimborne St Giles Church, was the pinnacle of bliss. It deeply moved all who took part, whether first-timers like myself, or not.

— The shockingly blissful conjunction of ourself with trees to the serious and gentle promptings of Anthony Goh was, in one word, thrilling.

— From that day on, my relationship with trees has been changed forever. For one thing, trees to me are no longer there like items which happen to be in my line of sight outside of me.

Trees at last I know to be fellow beings. Every one has a life story, a unique identity – a Treesonality.

Every one has an inner smile which I know I can share just by spending a little quiet time together.

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