*Flowering grace*

Parnassia grandifolia, or Largeleaf Grass of Parnassus

🟠🟢Flowering grace🟢🟠

Everything about this flower speaks of grace and sufficiency of design for purpose.
What looks to my eyes as a decorative trim, and is a sequence of shapes totally unique to this one individual, is likely to be an intrinsic part of its close relationship to its pollinators.
There is an extremely important message for me to examine in my aesthetic response to this living entity.
I ask Myself,
“How far can I travel along the journey of understanding about the quality of my response as an alive being to another alive ‘being’ ?”
I ask of Flower,
“What part of my sensibility is so strongly “contacted” by your shape, colour, patterning, texture, scent, movement in the air? And what part of me awakes and replies to your ‘touch’ ?”
And this is what I hear:
“My time alive
weighs exactly as much
as the lives I connect with.”
Therefore I kneel before the flower
who speaks so wisely of serene sufficiency.
Only connect!
All my waking time.
Only connect.
Connection will hold me
safe in the balance-scales
till the end my life.
~ Love is present EveryNow

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