Flora or fauna – all time travellers

💧We’re all the same on VLT🪐

I see no difference between us and these birch trees, except that the trees are born, live and die in the same spot.

And even so, they are more swarm than individuals.

Their slow progress across their landscape is in fact a form of movement from one location to another in accord with the terms of the ‘swarm’.

Billy Myles, my biology teacher, taught that the major difference between animal and vegetable is animals’ abiliity to move from place to place.

We, the animal, share attributes in common with the vegetable more deeply than we can imagine when we move past their standing selves.

Individual vegetable life-forms in a swarm move in the frame of Very Long Timescales.

They are in constant displacement too – the glaciers, the nountains, the atolls, the continental land masses of our mineral world.

We all have a share of the same
~ Love is present E v e r yN o w

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