FRIEND, I see you completely

* Valediction *
FRIEND, I see you completely.
You see me open my hand to you in a valediction.
I say, for example,
“The light is in us. It need never, never go away. It has always been there in our hearts in all our days and nights. The light is there. It dreams us awake. It cradles us in sleep. It is here now.”
How to visualise a glorious light which nourishes solely by glory? Where is the seed of such wonderful light? It is a serious question, if question there must be. One with many answers.
I can say for example,
“Before there was light, there was bright.”
I can say,
“Before the beginning there was the power of peace. Before peace was love.”
Only look up from where you are now. See! All this glory arises from one gentle static smile in perpetual motion!
I say,
“The peace calmly waits at the place of eternal safety.  Even through the most solid gates, even at the moment of death, the brightness makes itself visible for us to see. It is Love.”
Love is the answer
to which
no question exists
X» ❤ «X

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