Inside us live entire communities of ourselves

Contrary to the impression the mirror gives me, I am not just one, with one identity. There are entire communities of ourselves living life, living lives, ‘inside’ all of us.
Some of our constituent soulmates (for want of a better phrase) stay out of sight for all sorts of reasons.
They may need anonymity or have to preserve incognito status to effectively keep me sane and functional.
They may be capable of playing their rôle from birth to death without recognition by my various selves.

Although, should I decide to turn my gaze, and appreciate the essential life support I am giving my selves, such bright love would spread throughout the village of me, that darkness would find few corners to hide in.

It is always, and always good to go out of my way along the little local roads before setting out on my day, and pause to make acquaintance with some of my own selves.
When I knock at any one of my stranger self’s door, I see all my Selves are intrinsically beautiful, and all have such illuminating tales to tell.
Small wonder it can take a lifetime to get around to befriending every one of who I am.

I, we, you are love.

Being collectively engaged in being love, I, we, you are eternally adored for who you all are by who we all are!
~ Love is present EveryNow

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