What moves me in Facebook’s illustrated posts?

What moves me in the quotations I read and see posted with photo illustrations on Facebook?
Some are eye-catching compositions, and a lot of them catch my eye.
Many have words that I am grateful to sip thoughtfully and with gratitude, like a nice cup of tea after coming back home.
I made a decision, when I first began my Facebook odyssey, to create my own posts, with words I pick and compose, framed or illustrated by photos or drawings I make.
This impulse is from a desire to discover what meaningful truly means for me. I can do it by my deliberate avoidance of the copy-and-paste response.
If I let myself click Share and pass on, I am chucking a valuable opportunity to discover and see and savour what it is that drew my attention in the first place.
Words from the finest minds and the brightest hearts in this world are an inspiration and they deserve our fullest attention.
These exceptional people, whose words cross my field of vision, are not like the blades of grass I tread on. They are more like venerable majestic ancient trees, and their lives and the wisdom and beauty of their words merit respect and regard.
Where I stop and stand still in admiration of a landscape, or an old and picturesque settlement, it is my awed response which I deeply feel.
My feelings of awe are a sure barometer of the truth of my experience, as I become aware of the evidence all around me of the precious Accretion of Time.
For me and for almost anyone, the urge to speak, or to exclaim this awe is natural and immediate.
So this is my starting point.
Awe is my pencil. My heart is my notebook. The eyes behind my open eyes are my cinematographers.
I dive deep to find my words, because I know they will flow as soon as I step over and go beyond my quick-fire, gut-feel, rapid response impulse
~ Love is present EveryNow

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