When enough comes to a peak at sufficient, it contains the sum of all joys

In my day, when enough comes to a peak at sufficient, it contains the sum of all joy.

If I allow myself to come into close connection with some external event, it can show me clearly and directly a total, utter and complete satisfaction – “sufficiency”.

It is the presence of sufficiency which links directly to the sum of all joys.

There are treasures of astonishing variety and abundance to be found in the realisation of Sufficiency.

The lines in Genesis touch this: “God saw all that He had made, and it was very good.”

If I go out and about and bring some forethought to my steps, when I encounter a delight, I need not let it enter me and then pass me by.

I may see a kindness by one road user to another, hear a birdcall, observe the scent of a flowering shrub, board the right bus at the moment I needed to travel.

I may be kissed, and as I stop taking breath, all the breaths I have ever breathed are contained in that kiss.

Any joy piercing the living moment is sufficient.

In the split second I try to explain it, repeat it, recall it or record it, it is already long gone.

The value – the treasures – to be found in any experience is in my inborn ability to allow that quality of sufficiency to overtake both it and me.

If I can only stop trying to dream, I can awake to find I am being dreamed by my dream.

Gratitude for these infinite sufficiencies!

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