The bit about mystery which is accessible to me is awe. Awe is a natural impulse engendered by contact with mystery.

I suggest that awe is the effect that can arrive when we are intensely aware of the great mystery that is our body, mind, heart and existence.

Complex gatherings, such as Colourfest [] for example, work together in magic ways which promote feelings of awe. It feels woefully inadequate to get up, wash, eat, greet, go to work and then do it all in reverse.

I need to find the unanswerable all the time and everywhere. Only attention on the mysteries of my existence holds the key to happiness because these are without boundaries, without restrictions, and most definitely without end. There are no square-cut answers – only mysteries!

Feelings of awe come in the presence of something vast that transcends our understanding of the world.

Awe is the ultimate “collective” emotion. It motivates people to do things that enhance the greater good. Through many activities that inspire awe — collective rituals, celebration, music and dance, religious gatherings and worship — awe can help shift focus from our narrow self-interest to the interests of the group to which we belong.

[ SEE ]

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