¡ Freeing myself from my illusion of lack of self worth!

 ¡ Freeing myself from my illusion of lack of self worth! 

Last week in the guided relaxation at the end my Yoga class, my teacher was reminding me to thank my lungs for their ability to breathe, to thank my heart for its vital sustain of rhythm, and then she suggested I be thankful to my Soul!

Well I never did hear the like of such a thing before!
Nevertheless, I duly went to my soul and I was thankful.

That’s when I saw the image of an eye form in my mind. 

It was like a black and white artist’s pencil drawing. Undramatic, realistic. Just  this eye gently looking off to the left. I saw it has bushy eyebrows. This was my eye! I was seeing the gentleness in me as others may see it, but I was gazing appreciatively for the first time at serious, nice “me”.

My surprise dissolved the image. However, I was still in a deeply relaxed state, and so I returned to look, still with my eyes closed, at the pleasant sight of the the rest of my own features began to take shape as well.

I had the reaction, “Did you see that!” as of someone in the front seat of a car, who turns round to say to the person on the back seat, who has seen and who knows.

Ever since I had this incontrovertible confirmation of me as my own friend and companion, my heart has been singing new and carefree tunes. I say “ever since” … it’s only been three days!

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