O my Friends!

O my Friends, a diamond sits lifeless and insignificant in the dark

The course of my life has been influenced by far more people than I have had hot dinners.
The more people I meet, and with whom I connect, the more I am empowered by gratitude to shine.
I reflect the love-light of fellow shining souls.
Our refractions seen by others and reflected in turn, imbue reality with significance, importance, energetic potential.
Thank you for your influence in my life. It is nourishment for my soul.
Thank you for turning your light toward me. You illuminate my heart, so I find grace and am empowered to share grace with more grace.
Thank you for honouring me with your Friendship, for its presence by my side delineates my humanity with brushstrokes of the divine
~ Love is present EveryNow

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