It’s what hearts do!

“… When you talk to yourself in your mind, which self do you address? And how? Usually people do not talk to their divinity, but to the most superficial aspects of their everyday personality.
And often its a stream of fears, and mindless repetition of old things. If we talked that way to another human being, we would have to apologise.
Learning to talk properly to the self is a spiritual endeavour. Thoughts from the past and worries about the future do not create good conversation. Instead learn to talk to your mind as if it were a child. Talk to it with love.
If you just force a child to sit down, it won’t work. A good mother knows how to prompt her child into doing what she wants.
Be a good mother to your mind, teach it good, positive thoughts so that when you tell it to sit quietly, it will. Love your mind. Speak, stay happy… ”
Peter Pilley 20160816:

This advice from “Companion of God” by Brahma Kumaris, Dadi Janki is absolutely spot on, true and brilliant.

I say, speak to your own mind with all of the vocabulary of love that you can find. You have a wide and extensive memory full of loving phrases, love songs, love lyrics. Use these at every possible opportunity!
And become more and more inclined to reach out to yourself and to those nearest and dearest to your heart with these words of admiration, encouragement, praise and simple smiling kindness.
Let drop expletives, and rough-cut gutter words, because they can all be substituted by exclamations of positive surprise, even of love.
If you stop, make time for yourself, because there is something you can do. I do it.
Eyes closed, touch your fingertips into your own heart in a peaceful moment of open enquiry.
Put any smile on your face, and it is your smile to your own heart. You will see that all your heart ever wants to do, all it ever wanted to do, is to sing songs of love to the glory of you.
It’s what hearts do! And with practice, this is what you can see more and more clearly.
All of self love begins with conversations full of positive words, and reassurances.
I’d be inclined to first seek out those in my circle who have the honesty and compassion to say such things to my face…
And listen to them. And believe their words are sacred, because it is their heart who speaks ❤️❤️❤️

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