šŸŸ¢beauty detonatingšŸŸ£

šŸŸ¢beauty detonatingšŸŸ£

A blade of grass has no looking-glass. It is not green by reason of it absorbing all colours but green.

A grassblade is an abstraction of beauty in a pure material form. It is so and not further.

Night or day, in every grass-blade there is a blinding-bright beauty detonating in total silent anonymity.

Only allow that beauty to enter, to penetrate your heart, and, exactly because you are more actively constructed and construed than a blade of grass, you are able to see, to experience with your conscious awareness the glorious Sufficiency of You in all your innate beauty and latent power.

When that occurs, inspiration, the lack of it, pain, or the lack of it, in fact all states or stages of being in life click into their own place.

That place is where time began and ends. Where love and peace pertain. Like the Tardis, it is a LOT bigger on the inside than on the outside!
. . .
And the maelstrom of moments in which our beauty dances, exists as EveryNow.

“Love is the thread which weaves the empty sky with birdsong

~ Love is present EveryNow”

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