Biodanza – expect nothing

retain nothing

Biodanza – expect nothing, ask for nothing, keep nothing, give everything.

Allow Biodanza to happen. Simply listen and watch. Follow closely what the Facilitator says.

Observe the Vivencia demonstrations. With regular participation, Biodanza becomes more and more magical.

The whole secret is to expect nothing.

The moment I say to myself,
“I’m going to do this or that.” Or if I think,
“This partner will like or not like the expression on my face”, this is when I stop receiving, and the resulting isolation in which I arrive will simply continue to cloak my heart.

Be open my heart, absolutely you must be open!

The extravagant wonder of pure contact when I simply invite and welcome another to share for a while my most intimate heart space!

What is written in my heart, or seen in my eyes, absolutely cannot expose me.

Only the energy and the strength of my love will be experienced by the other person whose love and energy are waiting to surprise us both!

Then, unpredictably, unexpectedly, the other person and I may become electrified, illuminated.

That is the beauty of dissolution! The dissolving and falling away out of sight of fear.

Fear received from years of stern social conditioning, from barriers cultural, barriers intellectual. Everything zapped in instant vaporisation!

Sometimes such beauty is overpowering. It can lead into a brilliant obliteration of self, where the mind is left standing in awed witness to the ephemeral marriage of heart and heart.

Always it is life-affirming and always it serves to show how intense love quenches every last residue of fear!

Most often I will dance eyes closed. If I open my eyes, I see too much. I think too many thoughts. My mind tries to make my body move in this or that “clever” way. No! Eyes closed, I let the music dictate the shapes my body makes.

Expect plenty of time, this time, next time, to open my eyes, and swim and surf terribly very vulnerable in the dazzle of power and beauty visible immediately in front of my eyes, in the eyes of another shining soul!

Do expect love, for the simple reason Love is present EveryNow

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