The empty tree

The empty tree

I place a thought here…

All who create with diligent humility reach into the heart of things. Creatives work to release and share what they find mirrored there in their own heart.

We who who create from the springs of heart’s love can never be wholly content with our output.

The act of powerfully self-validating creative discovery must reveal a part of the fabric of eternal or infinite truths by whose existence we as sentient beings receive that which animates of our heart and soul.

We can never wholly own even the smallest portion of the magic that issues from the creative striving that always inspires us to share.

We reach into our heart’s space where no human constructs exist. That place contains nothing that can be owned.

Here it is easy to describe what we begin to discover in terms of what it is not.

If we are so gifted that we do not need to reach for any tools of creativity, we might find creative inspiration from the place of no-constructs.

There is a no-place which contains so much of no-thing that what fills it full up to overflowing is not measured in quantity. It is only qualities of the absolute – absolute purity and beauty!

Here the most difficult and the most creative thing a human can attempt is to describe qualities of absolute in non-negative terms!

We evolve simutaneously with what we are propelled into sharing.

From the moment of birthing, what we share is no longer of us. It is certainly no longer ours.

If it ‘works’, if it arrives and is total in its valid truthfulness, it takes on its own life as a thread of the love with which the unseen unseeable fabric of the universe is constructed.

“The tree is empty; it will welcome another bird”

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