When I see you, dearest Friend

When I see you, dearest Friend, with the question of your whole life, open without borders, in your eyes like a multi-petalled summer flower, my immediate answer, prompted from the single thought on my mind, the only word to arrive on my tongue, is “Love”.

If there is anything I want to say, if I want to find a framework for the words and the tone of the words that I have to say to a dear friend, I need choose only this. “I love you.”

Instead of looking into your expectant eyes, I do not say, “I love you”. I do not say it. No, we are not lovers, we are soul friends! Instead, I choose consciensciously to phrase all that comes from my lips as if I am uttering love poems, love lyrics, love songs.

Suddenly, the cadences and intonation as well as my words themselves come sounding out like the loudest morning chorus of birdsong on the warmest honeysuckle-scented airs of Spring.

I so cherish your beautiful heart.

This is the magic spell love can cast. To offer you only love in love’s name to the glory of the love that I see reflected in your heart without once making mention of the word love.

Love is explicitly what I identify myself with now. This has happened as a result of my careful and detailed enquiry into the questions, “What is my true unashamed public expression of who I am and what I am?”

When I see your reply to the question of your whole life is not in your words, I see a silent, eloquent picture of your unhidden heart. I read your heart in companionable silence.

This could be the end of the conversation. But it shows to me that in the silence of two-way communication is a holding of hands without hands – the simplicity of a shared gaze between friends.

Even without words, we are joined in the river, the stream, the flow of an ocean of ongoing alive exchanges between two compassionate hearts

~ Love is present EveryNow

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