Meditation on beauty

Dhalia in Austria

G i f t of L i f e

A gift has a giver and a receiver.

That which is overflowing with potential for the giver, urgently impels the giver to share, so making the potential evident to a receiver.

The natural urgency of giving is a transaction of graces and blessings.

The grace of the giving is transformed into the blessing by the gift.

The gift is at once unchanged and, in its recognition, it is bestowed with a little divinity.

The potential of life is in the naturally occurring laws by which an infinitude of relationships between constantly varying energies, solid and immaterial, interact.

This is interaction, ceaseless, without end, on a scale too huge to imagine, containing the mysteries of perpetual motion, creating synergy.

These synergies balance in the focus of our conscious mortal minds, and we say “Beauty”

Let yourself let go.

Give yourself up to yourself.

You are beautiful. You are love

~ Love is present EveryNow

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