Singleton power?

The time is ripe to abolish singleton power. We had success for millenia when small scattered agricultural communities chose reliable people of trusted integrity to lead their decision making and to speak for all to neighbouring communities.

The time is overdue when systems of democratic process adopt flatter, more immediately accountable, group-rule management on behalf of the groups who place them in authority and who place their dependency in their hands.

One person one vote, Yes.

But “No” to handing total executive control to one person for howsoever short a time.

Human ingenuity and research and resourcefulness have developed and continue to develop amazing tools to provide for our comfort and health in ways that are sustainable.

Human frailty, fallibility and unpredictability under pressures of responsibility have proved and continue to prove terrifyingly catastrophic indicators of long term unhealthy development of worldwide humanity.

What benefit can any of these persons offer our descendents, if today we carry on allowing even a tiny number of ignorant and ill-intentioned leaders to do irreparable damage to our planet’s ecosystems on a planet-wide scale?

It’s okay to rebel. No complainant can carry legitimacy, if every one of us does not in everyday life think, do, say, or promote what brings about change for the general good

The power of one is the road to ruin

~ Love’s shared presence

in each and every one

will see all of us survive

E v e r yN o w

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