Sight unseen


While I am out and about on my own Chatting to Things is there magic to be found in an intimate meeting with a stone or a flower along life’s way?

There is a kind of self litmus test that I sometimes do when strolling out. It’s similar to seeing if the power monitor light is lit.

I look into my soma, and I check over how my body is responding to an appreciation of a curve of stem, the stimulating sight of a striation of petal, the pleasurable noise of a whirring flick of sparrow wings.

I ask, am I melting inside like a teenager in love? Does my next breath hardly dare to arrive? Do I obviously desire to smile without any initiating movement in my lips?

Sick or sweet, elevated, neutral, sullen or despondent, I am finding that Love is present EveryNow.

That is how it is. That is how I know it. I am ten times ten thousand per cent alive, just as is everything and everyone, sight unseen

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