Wasted lives make no lasting impact by wasting life

terrorist dust✝️🕉️✡️☯️🔯☪️
Wasted lives make no lasting impact by wasting life…
We live in times where people steeped in the deepest ignorance reach up from unseen depths of misguided hopelessness.
Starting out with hearts like yours and mine, they are thwarted by lack of human recognition and they become stunted by ignorance and aimless self-loathing.
At times they burst into the open with deeds of destruction, like a pustulant cancre breaking.
I am just so sorry for the lives of so many innocents torn apart by fellow human acts of futile, pointless, random, cowardly blind ignorance.
A very few of these lost souls, the perpetrators of the bloodshed of innocents, will live to see how extremely irrelevant their deadly actions were.
And they will understand they were so lacking in all substance, they themselves become blown as dust into the oblivion of history.
~ Peter Pilley 20151124 20170322

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