* Zilch? *

* Zilch? *
I believe the concept of “nothing” is a misconception that comes from lazy dualist attitudes. I believe we, alive and sentient, get to access a little of everything. Every one of us enters into and is entered by more or less of everything.
I say “Nothing” is a fiction, only a cynical fiction.

I could wax lyrical about everything, but there’s no need. Everything is its own best advocate.

Like a brilliant earth-grazing meteor, “everything” is uncompromisingly ready and poised to penetrate consciousness from one instant to the next.

Nothing never happens. It only fleetingly seems to “be” in the moment before “Everything” kicks off in its true incarnate form, EveryNow.

A moment’s reflection reminds me there is no before, only the moment. By the way, it’s every bit as sweet or sweeter as the cadbury’s chocolate of the same name.

If you agree with me that “nothing” can be safely set aside, then what remains? It is the ever-increasing attraction of greater or lesser degrees of sufficiency of witness.

The quality of “Everything” is safe; it’s body heat; it is peace; it’s unity; and it is quite obviously bigger on the inside than the outside.

The most exciting thing about this “Everything” thing?

“Everything” loves with indiscriminate super-abundance, and it even loves those lovable people who propose the existence of nothing.

. . . We are all “different” and some are open or not open in varying degrees. I am coming to believe it matters little what states of openness we are at. It matters more how frequently we engage curiousity and courage.
“May my mind stroll about hungry and fearless and thirsty and supple” Doing all of that obliterates cravings after concepts like Nothing. You, friend, are the Goose in the Bottle. It’s time to exit

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