A grace of reconciliation is touched upon directly here

One of the most speedy routes to a grace of reconciliation is touched upon directly here.

How unrelenting is the pain of unresolved love?

How confusing the search for the heart of a lover?

How to keep from tumbling into uncharted emotional waters when our affections are drawn headlong towards another?

The need for certainty in the intentions of the loved person can begin as a rosebud, but it can rapidly grow up on so many different possible pathways that we see only thickets of confusion and painful thorns.
There are, I believe, only a small number of heart to heart meetings which thrive and continue in parallel harmony.
At the first signals of reciprocated affection, the mind leaps to take control of the aroused beating heart.
The mind assigns to the person who has come to the foreground of the heart’s attention a variety of labels, all of them inappropriate and irrelevant.
The person is the object of affection, the person must be targeted as if there is an immediate risk of loss.
The multicoloured spectrum of desires and aspirations, incubated for perhaps years in the closed sanctuary of the heart’s tranquil solitude, are placed like diadem and crowns – for want of any immediate proof to the contrary – like royal clothes, jewels and heavenly anointing perfumes on the shoulders of this beloved person who has appeared in our life.
If I have made peace with my heart, if my first best friend is my heart, I will be taken by surprise, interested, even amused at the way my mind tumbles over itself to take me over and attempts to lead me on this dizzying helter-skelter journey.
But after my awareness of the mind’s antics passes, it’s time to allow my heart to sing its powerful melodies and to fly on its own terms, not outwards in the direction of the other person, but inwards.
Inwards the unchained heart, glowing with love and gratitude, can be freed to soften the cravings of the soul for recognition and for celebration of its purity.

No soul needs to possess another. All souls with no exception are pure. They require a particular essence of peace in which to celebrate their natural joys, their gifts of purity. One soul seen in the mirror of another magnifies and glorifies both!

At last, the heart may trust it will find a mirror where a few of its own qualities, not all, may be reflected in some of the qualities of the heart of another.
~ ~ Love is present EveryNow

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