Meditation ~ on the surface of Mars

Land where no tear has fallen

The rocks have no eyes to see, but their nobility is not blind.The rock surfaces of our solar system’s bodies are newly being seen.

After at least four thousand million Earth years, our eyes are given photographs of landscapes on comets, asteroids, moons and planets.

For sure, a rock is a rock, a stone is a stone. Unconsidered and unregarded, the rocks rockiness and solidity rest in a millennial continuum.

The rocks share our Sol, our Star. The rocks had nothing to do with humans’ fleeting, squishy goings-on.

These rocks have no eyes to see, but their nobility is not blind.

The starkly naked surfaces’ untouched virginity sing an unsung song of purest silence. Silence is their eternal home. Home whose roof and walls are set all about with stars.

The polarities of light and shadow deceptively belie the rocks’ motionlessness on the surface by reference to the gentle unvarying hug of gravity.

The rocks do not have eyes to see, but their nobility is not blind.

Fear for the blindness of the robotic vehicle, for it lacks nothing except a program to show respect for millennial nobility.

Despair at the next footstep, drill hole, test blast, mineshaft.

They do not have eyes to see, these rocks, but their nobility is not blind.

For these rocks
over and over again
are blessed by Angels.

For these rock landscapes
are the privileged domain of Angels.

Here are much travelled landscapes
which carry no footprint.

Land where Angel tears have not yet fallen.

Barren, breathless, beautiful bodies
whose astral surfaces are devoid of the stain of blood.

Humans have not, nor do Angels need to have the keys to these Edens.

So stand, give reverence to our Earth rocks! Give praise for their lyric skills of silent communion!

Rejoice in the reflections I see in the primordial rocks of Gaia!

They knew it full well, the broad-shouldered builders of henges of monolithic stone.

They, the magicians of prehistory, knew that simply by our being near enough to see the rocks with every sense at peak perception, we are all magnified and mirrored in the community of stars.

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