As long as I can sing from my heart, I do believe

As long as I can sing from my heart, I do believe.

I believe the truths I hear in heart’s inaudible songs.
The melodies of the heart inside do call.

They are heard by the outside world like a very first voice in Spring’s dawn chorus.
Heart songs swing on heavy Summer air

As if a distant bell might have been sounding.

The startlement of the lone walker in the woods

who hears.. conversations of trees!
Yes, that flip flop of the heartbeat
When Autumn melodies come in dancing.

Heart music is most clear

To eyes closed to everything
Except the silence of its cessation.
The music of heart songs’ sounding is like tapering filaments of fire flames brightening Winter darkness.
Slowly, like the slow rotation of planets,

the eyes of lovers turn and move.
At the conjunction of their gaze
Love is present EveryNow

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